Pathway From Boys To Men, Inc. a non-profit organization, is seeking your support with their latest project. Please donate by using our "go fund me" icon below.
Go Fund Me Campaign
PFBTM is teaching our youth how to build bird houses. We believe that this project will provide skills that will enable our children to be successful in the future.

Your contribution will build confidence in our youth in the community.


James Randolph, Founder/CEO



Pathway From Boys To Men is reaching out to the community with this letter to owners of business & trades, who could find an opportunity to mentor some of our men into your trades. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you and how we might be able to direct some of our manpower towards your services.

Radio interview "Eye On The Community" featured an interview with PFBTM's very own James Randolph on KFrog. (2014 mp3 clip)

Radio interview with Allan Borgen & Jeff Williams hosts of "Let's Dine Out"
(July 2013 ~ 22:13 min. MP3 Clip)

Download flyer for more information.

held on November 21, 2015 from 10am- 2pm

Our 2014 Christmas Toy & Food Drive was a great success.

We was able to provide toys & food to many local needy families.

Thanks to all the Volunteers, Board Members and Sponsors that helped and contributed.

Enjoy the Photos
- James Randolph,Director
Pathway From Boys To Men Inc.

"Couture with a Cause" - Saturday, Sept. 20, 2015
On September 20th, Positively Pink presented their annual fundraising event, Couture with a Cause. Money raised this year for the‘Cause’ will be supporting, "Pathway from Boys to Men". Please return soon to see our event video.

PFBTM hosts successful Golf Fund Raiser - see photos

Pathway from Boys to Men, is a non-profit organization committed to changing the lives of inner city youth ages 18 years and older, through mentoring, employment training and job search assistance.

Our programs are designed to equip young boys with community resources, education assistance & increase their self-confidence that is needed to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

We have found that the paths that lead to displacement, violence, drug addictions, or imprisonment can be changed by the fellowship of successful role models and support from elder men who care.

We are a non-profit organization working from donations - PLEASE DONATE TODAY to our PayPal account.

Founded in the winter of 2005 by James D. Randolph, in an effort to reduce the number of youth at risk, Pathway from Boys to Men is ready to help you…

Call Now...(909) 838-5623 and see how we can get started!

Congratulations to Richard Gomez
Richard Gomez has gone through our program started working at Home Depot and now is serving our Country. We are so proud of him.

James Randolph,Founder
Pathway From Boys To Men Inc

Follow us:
with Erlinda Patterson & PFBTM James Randolph.
with ACESOHR, Inc. Human Resourses Specialists
PFBTM hosts this well attended Employment Training Workshop at the
Fontana Lewis Library & Technology Center in conjunction with ACESO HR Inc.
Enjoy the Photos

- James Randolph,Director
Pathway From Boys To Men Inc.
Cynthia Covin of DeVry University shares her story.
PFBTM Board Member, Janet Staples shares her employment experience.
Ambassador of the Year

James Randolph, founder of PFBTM was honored for
Outstanding Support and Dedication to the
Fontana Chamber of Commerce. Pictured here with Assembly Member Cheryl Brown (left) and wife, Diana Randolph (right) on June 21, 2013.

In 2013 PFBTM:
Assisted 57 individuals with job placement.
Built 80 Resumes for job seekers.
We credit our ongoing Employment Training Workshops for our continued success in helping the community with our outreach services!

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