Pathway from Boys to Men

Providing resources and support to the underserved men, women, and youth in our community.
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Pathway from Boys to Men
10533 Beech Ave #4
Fontana Ca 92337.

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Pathway from Boys to Men Inc, (PFBM INC), is a nonprofit organization committed to changing the lives of inner city youth. Founded in 2005 by James D. Randolph in an effort to reduce the number of youth imprisonment, displacement, violence, and drug addiction in adolescent boys in the Inland Empire through mentoring, education, job training, and sports education.

These programs were designed to assist men, women, and youth with community resources, education assistance, and the self-confidence needed to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. More importantly, PFBM Inc. provides
men, women, and youth with role models and elder support.

Discover a nonprofit internship through Pathway from Boys to Men.
Some say that working for free is grounds enough for admiration, but if you want to feel doubly good about yourself, intern at a nonprofit! Not only will your self-esteem improve, but also you’ll be giving back to the community in a meaningful way. And nonprofit internships are widespread since organizations are always looking for help with spreading their message.

In addition, internships at nonprofits are ideal for students who aren’t quite sure what they want to do for a career yet; students
at PFBTM can take on roles in the marketing, media, advertising, community organizing, among others. As a nonprofit intern, you’ll get to see immediate results of your hard work, which is always rewarding, and you’ll get to meet others with shared interests who care about the same issues that you care about. There’s simply no better feeling than supporting a good cause and helping your future career at the same time.

Job Descriptions
Organizing and Community Engagement Interns will support all levels of Pathway from Boys to Men functions under the supervision of senior staff. Some of the tasks interns will be asked to complete include:

Community Engagement: Interns will provide general support for events, such as our annual career fair and monthly employment workshops. Interns will coordinate event registration and follow up with employers.

General Administrative Support: Interns may be asked to do the following: organize mail, assist with marketing, create photocopies, distribute materials, and create flyers. Interns will be asked to maintain databases and other administrative duties as needed. This position requires a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week.

Preferred qualifications: Possess basic office skills; experience in community organizing, event planning, grassroots organization, good communication skills.