Pathway from Boys to Men

Providing resources and support to the underserved men, women, and youth in our community.
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We are a non-profit organization
working from donations.
Ambassador of the Year
James Randolph, founder of PFBTM was honored for Outstanding Support and Dedication to the Fontana Chamber of Commerce. Pictured here with Assembly Member Cheryl Brown (left) and wife, Diana Randolph (right) on June 21, 2013.
Our mission is to provide the life skill resources that make a difference to the underserved.

Our programs are designed to equip individuals with community resources, education assistance, and increase their self-confidence that is needed to live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

We have found that the paths that lead to displacement, violence, drug addictions, or imprisonment can be changed by the fellowship of successful role models.

"I know that I would not have been able to succeed in life without the guidance
and support of
Pathway from Boys to Men. Inc. and I feel truly blessed
that this organization has given me a second chance in life".

Since 2005, Pathway from Boys to Men has been committed to providing work and job placement opportunities for the indigent in the hardest hit areas of the Inland Empire. Through partnerships with other businesses we create work projects of preservation/restoring properties and other employment positions.

We have been hosting career fairs and employment training workshops to sharpen our clientele's job searching skills and, in turn, increase job opportunities. Our previous career fair gave more than 400 people access to employment interviews with local employers, as well as networking opportunities with other job search and career training resources.

As concerned members of the local business community, we encourage local companies to donate to Pathway from Boys to Men Inc. by providing groceries or monetary gifts to help our nonprofit serve the communities in the Inland Empire.

These donations will help with other local leaders who are making a tangible expression of concern for our community and offer a lasting investment, contributing to the greater good. With the assistance of local businesses, donations, and sponsor support, PFBTM has been able to provide housing assistance for nearly 30 individuals, 400 boxes of food, over 20 jobs, 30 employment training workshops and assisted 5 hundred people with clothing and furniture.

PFBTM programs are designed to equip the community with free resources that can increase knowledge in education and jobs by providing services that can help people reach their goal.

    Career Quest Program - PFBTM Inc. will partner with local businesses and union trades to offer job training or job placement for individuals who shows an interest in continuing their education.

    These workshops include:
    • Life skills classes
    • Resume writing and review
    • Interview skills and etiquette
    • Apprenticeship programs
    • Introduction to union trades
    • Introduction to construction